Sup folks! I’m just starting to build out my website – grateful you’re curious enough to come here. The purpose of this site is simple:

I plan to document my process to becoming a top performer in sales, and teach you how to do the same.

And unlike most, I’m not writing about “tips” and “hacks” to grow your pipeline.

I focus on principles, psychological and strategic that win you more business, drive more authentic relationships, and help you navigate the politics of the workplace successfully to close more deals.

My deliverables to you in 2019 (rough draft):

  • on-going “toolkit” of strategies, principles, tools, resources, and more to help you book more business faster
  • regular articles “live from the field” sharing ways I overcame obstacles, moved deals forward, and rose profit margins
  • book reviews, interviews, videos, and more pertaining to sales and personal development

All that to say, I’m excited to start giving you meaningful content that’ll brighten your day.

Thanks for stopping by.

See you soon!