Photo by Samuel Clara on Unsplash

Always do 10% more than what’s expected of you.

An average employee does exactly what they’re expected to.

Great employees see the standards their employees give them, and raise the bar on their own to match their capabilities.

It doesn’t take that much effort to stand out from the crowd and reap great rewards for over-delivering. To see a tangible improvement in any area of your life, just start by doing 10% more.

Set a standard of doing a minimum of 10% more than what’s expected of you.

This principle is called “The 110% Rule”.

If you’re in sales and expected to make 50 cold calls per day, make 55 calls.

If you’re in marketing and expected to publish 10 articles per month, do 11.

If you’re expected to work 40 hours per week, work 44.

The principle is so simple and universal that once you embody it, you’ll be more successful in every area of your life.

I started applying this in Sales, and made 55 calls per day instead of 50. I noticed that those extra 5 calls sometimes got me new leads. Those leads put me ahead of my entire team, and built my confidence and self-efficacy.

How do you stand out from 90% of job applicants for a given position? Simple: spend 5 minutes researching the company before you apply. Spend 5 more on a custom cover letter. Spend 5 more researching the company and person you’re interviewing  right before the first interview. That extra 10% signals that you’re an A-lister, not a B-lister.

You can leverage the 110% Rule in every area of life.

Run 1.1 miles instead of 1; you’ll burn 10% more calories and expand your endurance. Spend 10% more time with your kids than you initially planned for; show them that they’re a priority for you even at the expense of other time obligations. Doing this deepens the quality of your relationship to the most important things in life by more than the 10% you put into them.

Stated differently:

The 110% Rule yields compound interest over time.

You get a job that’s 50% better for you for putting just in 10% more in the interview process. That job makes you more confident. That confidence earns you new relationships. Those new relationships earn you new opportunities. It’s a virtuous spiraling staircase that leads to the heavens of your human potential.

With just a few years of applying this principle, every area of life can radically improve. The bar is so incredibly low to stand out from the average. It literally takes 10% extra effort. You will see exponential return on investment over time, without exception.

And it all starts with a simple change of mindset:

“I will always do at least 10% more than what is expected of me.”