Synchronicity is the meaningful coincidence between 2 or more physical and psychological phenomena.

It’s when something happens that you JUST thought or dreamed about.

Everyone has such experiences, particularly if you’re on the lookout for them.

Example from the other day

It was 11:25 PM EST, and I was wrapping up the day with my daily prayer practice. Just praying for the knowledge of God’s will and the power to carry it out, speaking blessings over those in my life, etc. And suddenly, a name I had never prayed for popped to my head. I was like “The hell? Uhm, alright, sure. God help me help X as best I can…”

Then my phone rang.

X called me and needed a favor to help him in his career. I happily obliged.

From a religious perspective, I guess people would say “That’s God working through you!”. From a secular perspective, “That’s a funny coincidence – so how about the sportsball game last night?”.

I’m honestly leaning more towards there being a God. I see phenomena like this as empirical evidence for the existence of God. And God doesn’t necessarily mean bearded man in the sky who’ll send you to hell for eating certain shellfish. I’d loosely define God as “the intelligent origin of the universe or the source of universal laws”.

There is some mechanism which we don’t yet understand through which X’s name was transferred into my consciousness as he was pulling up my name on his phone to call me.

How f’kin’ nuts is that?

There’s something going on out there. And it seems the more I pray, the more I consciously seek guidance from that higher power, the more it shows up. I could be wrong. It could be my own bias and Apophenia.

But damnit, I’m building a spiritual life for the first time ever. I want something cool to seek and discover. I want to study synchronicity, learn of others’ experiences, and piece together theories to explain its mechanism of action. That’d be really damn exciting!

Synchronicity to me is empirical evidence of higher intelligence guiding people to exactly the right people, places, inspirations, opportunities, etc. at exactly the right time.

And although I don’t follow an organized religion, and lived most of my life as an atheist, I think the phenomenon of synchronicity alone has been enough to move me into some loose form of deism. There’s got to be something out there making this stuff happen.

It only happens to Good effect for me. I only experience Good and healthy / helpful synchronicity. I never have evil, awful, destructive things come into life at exactly the worst time. That’s what makes me lean towards belief in a Good higher power.

It’s also fun to talk to people who believe in God already about this stuff. I know a guy, software developer, wicked smart and funny, but also great capacity for depth and emotion. He’s gone through hell and back. He thinks there’s a God, but all major religions are bullshit. And I kind of like that perspective. I hate the idea that God would send billions of people to hell who never met someone who could even make them aware of God’s existence. Seems evil to me. Any God I’ll ever believe in will not be evil. Period.

Anyways, he and I were talking about synchronicity. His mind was blown by this story. So was my secular friend’s. Everyone’s minds get blown, because it’s mindblowing!

Look – we’re on to something here. It ought to be taken seriously. Our civilization is in a crisis of faith. Nobody has evidence to believe God’s real.

What if the evidence for God existed all around us, in micro-miracles of coincidence too great to be coincidence?