Goodbye Atlanta

This is the second to last time I’ll ever be listening to lo-fi music in Switchyard’s Downtown Club, the best co-working club in Atlanta.

I’m drinking lukewarm coffee out of my Contigo thermos, crunching on a toasted bagel, and listening to the faint pitter-patter of rain pour through the greenhouse doorway entrance. It’s Sunday. I’m almost completely alone here. I’m feeling relaxed, calm, and confident about my future.

Serenity is something like “full acceptance and peace with what is“.

I feel joyful and serene. I’m grateful to be alive.

In 2 days, I start a new chapter of life which I don’t know where will lead me. I’m starting the biggest career jump of my life, moving back home to Virginia, and have said my goodbyes to my friends in Atlanta.

In this moment, I don’t feel excitement. I’ve felt that plenty.

Instead, I feel peace, calmness, and certainty that things will go better than I can hope or expect.

Life’s beauty knows no bounds; its potential is limitless; it’s joy is profound.

I feel my personal power and influence growing. It is gratifying, and feels like a due reward rather than an impostor’s guilty secret. I’ve been putting in the work going to the gym, working hard, journaling, going to therapy, abstaining from drugs and alcohol, and living out my values.

As a result, my life is quickly becoming remarkable. Thank God for that. He’s played as big a part as I.

It’s strange to write that. I didn’t believe in God for so long. Funny how much things can change..

Hello Virginia

The biggest reason I’m moving back to VA is to help my family. They bought a new home a year ago that’s a complete shitshow trainwreck – everything is wrong with it, and more things are going wrong all the time.

There’s not much time left before we hit another recession, and the value of the old home plummets along with the market. I want to help them sell it before that point.

So I’ll be learning how to renovate it, repair it, and mold it into selling condition. Ideally, I’d like to also sell the home for them.

I will be the master of my childhood home. That’s a rare opportunity few get to experience. I’m sure it’ll stir up lots of unconscious memories, which I kind of dread but consciously anticipate and will handle appropriately with the help of a therapist. I have no network whatsoever beyond a couple old high school friends, so there’s an opportunity to build anew once again.

The common theme: new beginnings.

Virginia is for lovers.

I’m just putting this out into the universe. I want to love and support a quality woman in a healthy committed relationship whenever the time is right. That relationship will be based upon shared values and virtues; we deserve a strong foundation of compatibility for love to grow upon. Within the next 5 years I’ll be happily married to someone who is honest, intelligent, kind, loving, and wise. I’m willing to let time pass to find the right person; my primary focus for this chapter in life will be self-development. I won’t devote concentrated effort to finding her. I trust God and the universe to take care of it for me. The degree to which I focus on myself, my own goals, and my own success is the degree to which that woman will find me attractive anyways. And likewise I to her.

Doesn’t hurt to let God know what’s up by publicly committing.

P.S. Really wouldn’t mind if she’s hot too…