Photo by Tim Bish on Unsplash

Ayn Rand perfectly described the moral underpinning of modern Leftism below:

A morality that holds need as a claim, holds emptiness—non-existence—as its standard of value; it rewards an absence, a defeat: weakness, inability, incompetence, suffering, disease, disaster, the lack, the fault, the flaw—the zero.

“I am oppressed. You are bad. Give me free stuff.”

That’s the credo of the modern far-left. That’s the essence of the most toxic manifestations intersectionality, feminism, and cries for reparations.

These people claim that because they are oppressed victims, subjugated by the white heteronormative patriarchal structure of Western society, that they are entitled to additional rights, privileges, and money.

Nevermind the Western structure they criticize actually rewards competence above race, gender, or ideology, and is the first civilization in the world to do so, and is the most wealthiest and free civilization ever to exist.

Ayn Rand correctly predicted the moral underpinnings of the Social Justice Warrior movement more than 50 years before the term entered the mainstream. She also correctly identified the mechanism through which SJW’s would attempt to manipulate the populace into transferring wealth to certain groups: Guilt.

“Because my group isn’t performing on-par with your group, you owe me additional privileges.”

“Because my group was historically oppressed, you owe me money.”

“Because your group historically harmed my group, you are evil, and must do as I command.”

Their claim to your wealth is their victimhood. Their claim to social status is victimhood. Victimhood, not competence, virtue, or value, is their claim to your soul.

 “Who provides the account to pay these claims? Those who are cursed for being non-zeros, each to the extent of his distance from that ideal.

Since all values are the product of virtues, the degree of your virtue is used as the measure of your penalty; the degree of your faults is used as the measure of your gain.

Your code declares that the rational man must sacrifice himself to the irrational, the independent man to parasites, the honest man to the dishonest, the man of justice to the unjust, the productive man to thieving loafers, the man of integrity to compromising knaves, the man of self-esteem to sniveling neurotics.

Do you wonder at the meanness of soul in those you see around you?

The man who achieves these virtues will not accept your moral code;

the man who accepts your moral code will not achieve these virtues.

From each according to their Virtue, to each according to their Vice.

By this standard of morality, which Leftism propogates in all its various forms, you are condemned to the degree you are virtuous.

If you produce vast sums of wealth through business genius and hard work, you are condemned as a greedy capitalist responsible for the poverty of underprivileged classes. The only way to redeem yourself is to decry your fellow businessmen as evil and give away your money. To mock, sabotage, and drain yourself of energy is to be virtuous.

I don’t accept that as valid.

I own my body, the effects of my labor, and I take responsibility for my life decisions and actions.

If in my lifetime I produce a fortune, it will be through helping people solve problems. That is a virtuous, noble, good pursuit. Achieving a fortune as a result of virtue is virtuous. Nobody has an inherent claim to the effects of my labor. Nobody has a right to steal what I produce. They have every right to use their minds and bodies to produce anything for themselves, or to not produce anything at all. But if they choose not to produce, that doesn’t give them any claim to my productivity.