Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

A meaningful night of joy and depth.

Today I’m in D.C.

I’m starting a new job in a week, have unlimited down time, and am treating myself to rest and nurturing my relationships in the meanwhile. Relationships mean a whole lot to me. They might just be the most important facet of my life in this chapter. And today I see quite clearly that it’s paramount to meet people in-person for the greatest fulfillment in any relationship.

My whole life, most of my relationships have started and been maintained online.

Sure, I’ve always had local friends who are good people that I hang out with as anyone does. But I’m very selective in who I choose to spend time with. I am only friends with people who share at least some of my values. I’m picky; life is way better that way. So naturally as I’ve met people through philosophy communities, Praxis, networking events, etc, I’ve kept in touch with those whom I like and respect the most.

I just came back from hanging out at my friend Gabe’s apartment with my other friend Blake.

He claimed he had a board game that was “better than settlers of Catan”. Catan is the best board game I had ever played, so I knew he was full of it. Except I was wrong. Small World is better than Catan. We played for hours; it’s the best turn-based strategy board game I’ve ever played. Then we talked about life, work, philosophy, and relationships for hours more.

In-person interaction validates and magnifies everything good in an online relationship.

It makes the dynamic real, tangible, intimate, vulnerable, valuable, intuitive, spontaneous, joyful, interesting, challenging, insightful, and memorable.

Leveling up the online relationship.

Texting provides 1 dimension of communication: words.

Phone calls provide 2 dimensions: words and vocal tone.

Video calls provide 3 dimensions: visuals, words, and vocal tone.

In-person is like augmented reality VR 4th-dimensional hyperspace of human interaction.

We experience connection beyond comparison to anything a video call can offer. Shaking hands, hugging, seeing body language, sharing laughter – it’s all infinitely more beautiful in meaningful when we are together.

I love my friends and am grateful to be in good company tonight. Tomorrow I’ll join another for brunch, and return to Richmond.