Recently, I’ve been juggling a ton of new responsibilities and volunteering for a leadership training in Atlanta. I attended and completed the training with a good friend and my mother yesterday.

We talked about what we learned a good chunk of today. It was awesome. I’ve been made aware of multiple blind spots in my personality that get in the way of showing up as the most authentic and empowering leader I can be.

I’ll be writing more about it tomorrow.

For the last few days, I’ve been basically making bullshit short posts with little value.

That’s not what I want the blog to be; I want it to be a source of value.

But I still believe that something is better than nothing. That a non-zero day gets me closer to my ultimate goals than missing a day and ruining the 39-day streak.

And I’m willing to give myself a little grace – when a ton of major change is about to occur, and my energy is going in 100 different directions, I don’t need to be perfect.

This morning routine and writing practice have already been IMMENSELY helpful in curing my depression, building my self-confidence, and creating new opportunities for me. I will continue it. But I don’t need to be perfect in executing it “on-time” and every single day, particularly when major shifts are taking place in my life.

I’m going to finish up my interview process with Toggl tomorrow, and work to get a job offer. That’s my priority. So tonight, I’ll rest early to wake early and crush that conversation. I’m beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to work for that team, and will do everything in my power to help them grow to massive success in the U.S.

Wish me luck, though I shouldn’t need it 😉