“Yes And” is a wonderful exercise.

It invokes creativity, spontenaity, laughter, and often absurdity.

It’s an improv exercise where one person makes a statement or asks a question.

And then another adds to it, generally starting with “Yes, and…”


School sucks.

Yes, and teachers are the worst part.

Yes, and the kids dealing drugs in the bathroom make it worth it.

Yes, and maybe we could undercut the drug dealers prices and corner the market.

Yes, and if they try and retaliate, we could hire a hit man.

Yes, and we could pay the hit man with cocaine!

Yes, and we could bribe our local politician to close school on Fridays with cocaine too.

Yes, and we could release online courses on how to bribe people with cocaine as a side-hustle!

You get the idea.

It sharpens your ability to think quick on your feet. You can text your friends and do it, or do it in person. The result always blurs reality with fantasy in an utterly hilarious way.