Photo by César Cardoso on Unsplash

I’m starting an online course about writing tomorrow, created by David Perell.

It was a serious investment. $1,200.

I’m taking this course because I love helping people solve problems, and I ought to be doing that at the greatest scale my ability can manage.

The ideas I synthesize through experience living on Earth are valuable.

My mind is worthy of sharing, even if it terrifies me.

That’s why I’m launching an email list.

Zak Slayback and Isaac Moorehouse are inspirations to me on this front. They’ve convinced dozens of people to pay them money to hear their thoughts, because they have valuable insight to offer.

I’m finally at a point where I genuinely believe I can do the same.

Nobody else sits at the intersection of sales, psychology, self-awareness, personal development, and authenticity quite like me. I have a personal monopoly on my personality. Everyone I consult with says I provide them massive value. Every one of my friends loves me for who I am.

It’s strange all that’s true and I perpetually fear being worthless. I’ve still got a lot of healing to do.

But my perpetual drive for healing, growth, and transformation is what helps me impact others.

I’ve helped a lot of people get into therapy by sharing how pursuing therapy transformed my life into something beautiful, self-compassionate, and self-sustaining. How many “sales gurus” talk about that?


If you’d like an early start following my journey building a $10M Sales organization from scratch, sharing the insights and eccentric thoughts I develop along the way, sign up for my email list.

I will give away as much help, inspiration, strength, love, hope, joy, laughter, and freedom as I possibly can.

Come along for the ride!

It’s gonna be awesome.