I fucked up, and didn’t write a blog post yesterday.

That ruined a 65-day streak, my longest ever.

I’m a little upset at myself that I literally forgot. That was careless, but it’s honestly not such a big deal.

Writing every day is a personal development measure. It’s not a self-worth or competitive measure.

When I screw up, I get right back on my feet and keep trudging forward, no matter what.

And although this post is technically day 1 of my new streak, it’s the 66th day I’ve written for this blog. I’m immensely proud of that regardless. People are starting to read these things for some reason. I owe it to them to share stuff that matters.

So bring it on. Day 1. Back to humble beginnings.

I’ll keep coming back.

Thank you for reading. I’ll keep on praying for your love, connection, growth, and healing.