Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

Being good at sales requires persistence.

Persistence is a virtue. It is the firm continuance in a course of action despite difficulty and opposition.

Anyone who has been in sales for more than 2 weeks knows that you will face rejection. There are no exceptions. Natural talent, a remarkable product, and a large brand name aren’t enough to protect any salesperson from the relentless force of rejection. All we can do is learn to handle rejection gracefully.

Persistence is the first step. To have someone rudely say “No!”, hang up the phone on you, and leave you speechless on the other end hurts. It hurts for the first 10 – 100 times it happens, depending on your personality. And at some level, it’s always discomforting.

But if you just persist past that negative feeling, pick up the phone again, and make the next call, you’re going to quickly be literally unstoppable.

“Unstoppable? How so?”

It’s simple. If you flex the muscle of persistence, it grows. “No” becomes just another objection to handle swiftly and intelligently. When “No” no longer phases you, “No” doesn’t stop you. You just keep going. That’s a superpower. And it’s obtainable by anyone willing to work past the pain of being told “No” dozens or hundreds of times.

Persistence is a virtue because it is a difficult trait to develop and embody.

Sales is one of the only career paths which forces you to develop it.

Yet another reason to fucking love sales.