Don’t be afraid to ask for something that you need.

If it involves cross-department organization, all the better.

A MAJOR tech company in the logistics space is about to become one of Toggl’s top 5 enterprise customers. But unfortunately, a particular software integration started having problems due to a Windows OS update. This enterprise client happens to use that software.

Many people had requested help from support for the same issue. It is obviously a problem. And so an item was added to the backlog of issues to resolve, and the Toggl ship continued floating along as normal.

This particular client has just been sent their first invoice.

They’re a brand-new customer.

Our company’s reputation depends on their success.

It’s not acceptable for them to have a negative experience. The number of doors that can be opened by having big logos are endless. You can cross-sell to new departments, instantly doubling the revenue of the account. You can sell to industry competitors. You can leverage their name directly or indirectly on sales calls. It’s critical to have big logos. They make brands credible, and reputable.

People imagine “if they’re good enough to do business with XYZ, they’re good enough for us”.

I needed to know who to talk to to resolve this issue. So I asked around, and discovered that the product team are the go-to people for feature requests and bug fixes.

So I made a request to them in Slack:

Hello Product Team:
Sales/BizDev is facing a challenge and we’re requesting your help. XYZ is about to purchase ___ premium seats, putting them in our top 5 premium customers.

They’ve been struggling with our ABC integration. Bob has had to tell them twice over 3 weeks that it’s still a work in progress to fix.I fear at this point the deal is in jeopardy unless we can promptly fix the issue. It’s creating a poor first impression with XYZ. And they’re a logo we DEFINITELY want to keep on good terms. They could grow massively over time.

Can we make fixing this a high priority?

It worked instantly. The support team was thankful that I raised my hand and asked for help, because this exact issue was plaguing their support chats repeatedly.

When you ask for help, others also benefit.

It’s important to state your needs tactfully, directly, and transparently, with reason and evidence to back it up.

When you do, shit gets done. Often quickly.

People thank you for asking. You make others win. You serve your customers. You serve your team mates.

It’s a 360-degree win-win.