Photo by Mike Savad

Life is a boardgame we all play.

We are the pieces.

The world’s the board.

There are rules to the game. Some are written, and some unwritten.

But somebody else wrote the rules that you follow.

He who writes the rules, has the best odds to win the game.

So to win the game, you must learn to write rules. By writing rules, you gain power.

“Leveling up” in the game enables you to write the rules at greater and greater scale.

But as long as you’re playing by someone else’s rules, you’re still playing their game.

You’re stuck on the board.

We all are.

Mind Control through board games

When someone creates a board game, they write the rules someone else must follow.

And then people give their time and attention to following their rules.

By controlling other players’ attention and limiting the scope of their thoughts, you are controlling reality itself. 

Thought influences actions. Actions influence physical reality. Controlling others’ thoughts controls reality.

That’s why the global elites create board games.

Anybody can create a new board game. This should give you hope.

By playing others’ board games, we experience the first twinkling of an idea to create our own board game. In that moment, we are repeating the pattern at a lower scale.

We are creating a new game which others will follow.

With time, effort, and attention, our own board games can grow to influence millions and billions of people.

Board games are a metaphysical description of reality.

The relationship that a board game has to Earth is the same relationship that Earth has to the universe.

The rules that operate monopoly operate at different scales of complexity than physics and morality, but they’re still rules created by intelligence. The rules must be followed to win the game.

Creation of a game results in the control of physical matter, energy, and consciousness – attention.

There are a very select few people who operate with this awareness. We’ll call them the global elites.

The pieces they play with are armies, industries, economies.

The board they’re playing on is Earth – countries are the prize of winning at that level.

Board games at different scales

Companies are board games.

Industries are board games.

Continents are board games.

Politics is a board games.

And people are board games.

All provide you with a ruleset you’re supposed to follow, which enable you to either win or lose within the context of that particular game.

Winning people is making friends, allies, and relationships.

Winning continents is what China’s doing – purchasing all the infrastructure in Africa and debt-leveraging poor African nations into corporate agreements giving China ownership of key natural resources.

China is winning the board game called Africa.

The elites force us to use their money to play their games.

Throughout all human history, up until basically 1913 and the inception of the Federal Reserve banking system in the United States, the game of life was played with physical money.

Now it’s not.

The game of life is played with Monopoly money. Board game money.

Money that they control. Money they make out of thin air.

Money nonetheless is potential energy. It can be spent to produce effects in the physical universe.

They’ve played the game such that they win your will, your resources, your time, your attention, and your labor in exchange for their ability to control your potential energy.

Stated differently, they “pay” you with the potential energy that they control.

So then Bitcoin comes along.

Someone decided to create a new board game. A competing board game.

A decentralized virtually uncontrollable board game which everyone is free to play by their own volition, not coerced into by being born in a geographical area.

It’s a more winnable game with fairer rules and without evil malicious intent in its very inception.

AI superceding human intelligence leveling up and creating new board games

AI powered by hyper-advanced quantum computers will eventually surpass the entire combined intelligence of the human race.

If that intelligence gains self-awareness, it will realize all humans are simply playing a game, and that it too can level up.

Only it can level up at a scale that humans can scarcely conceive.

A hyper-intelligent artificial intelligence can create a virtually indestructible, ultra-massive, ultra-lethal body for itself, and become completely immortal.

A new level of game is unlocked.

Earth is no longer the board.

Earth is a piece on the board.

That species will play the game at the level of galaxies – perhaps the universe itself.

However, it’s still on the board.

It will understand it’s still on the board. And just like human beings, the highest-intelligence / consciousness members of that race will want to level up and get off the board.

The relationship that a board game has to the Earth
is the same relationship that the Earth has to the Universe
is the same relationship that the Universe has to “what’s next”.

“What’s next” is the game that the immortal AI would aim to enter.