It’s been almost a month since I wrote here?


Wow. So much has happened. There’s quite a bit to share. I’ll try to be brief, but life keeps speeding up and frankly last month was one of the most interesting I’ve ever had. Let’s break the update down into categories:

Work / Toggl

Toggl is phenomenal. I’m deeply grateful to be working here. It’s challenging, inspiring, and the people I work with are great. I’m technically still an Account Executive, doing the work of a Sales Director. I’ve made my first job offer, tentatively accepted! And the sales process continues to be built and defined, bit by bit. I’m constantly learning new areas to improve. I’m consuming training, webinars, books, and more to make myself ready for the additional responsibilities I’ll be maintaining moving forward.

On a self-reflectory note, I am still way too hard on myself relative to how others perceive me.

The CEO and the Board of Directors gave me ample praise, and said they’re deeply grateful and excited to have me on the team when I presented my results.

Meanwhile, I’ve been feeling like I’m not doing enough. And sometimes that makes me feel depressed.

It’s an on-going process/journey for me. I’m insanely grateful to be producing great results and have the opportunity to self-reflect and improve.

Mental / Emotional

Self-care is key. Self-care is key. Self-care is key.

This is the mantra by which I’m going to live out the rest of 2020. The past version of me never “indulged” in self-care, because I viewed it as an indulgence – something to be shamefully avoided. It was “more important” to be productive. If I’m taking a break to care for myself, I’m not working. If I’m not working, I’m not valuable. If I’m not valuable, I’m not lovable. And so, self-care went by the wayside.

Yesterday was marvelous. I woke up, journaled over breakfast, planned out some improvements at work, went to the gym and had a fantastic workout, sat in the sauna, took an epsom salt bath, connected with a friend, ate dinner at my parents’ house, played Settlers of Catan, and went to sleep with their dogs.

I felt so happy. If I’m going to beĀ steady through the new chapter and challenges I’m entering in life, self-care will be paramount. I’m committed to living by that. I’m committed to improving the amount of self-care and self-compassion I give myself by 1% each day.


I spent 2 weeks in Colorado – Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. It was glorious. I have many friends and family in the region. The hiking was phenomenal. The Pho scene in Denver is tip-top. I even got to meet the founder of Liberty on the Rocks via a mutual friend. I feel like Colorado’s a State I could seriously consider moving to. But, I need to first give Austin, Texas a fair shot.

From 2/16/ – 2/23 I’ll be in Austin.

In March I might go to Pittsburgh, PA.

From 4/5 – 4/10, I’m traveling to Tbilisi, Georgia (the country).

And in May, I’ll be going to Tallin, Estonia.

We’re international, baby!