This is the most insightful writing and comprehensive review of Corona Virus I have seen:

The situation is grim.

It was grim when I first became aware enough to invest in storable foods a month ago.

Here’s the sad reality: millions to tens of millions of people worldwide are going to die. There is no more hope to stop the global pandemic. All we can do is reduce the damage done through proactive and preventative measures.

This week, Denver Colorado deployed South Korea-style drive through testing areas. Cares piled into a line 4 hours long the first day.

This is an excellent example of “too little, too late”. That’s a good phrase to encapsulate how we’re handling this so far in the USA – at least from a government perspective.

I have much more hope for the free-market response to the virus than the government’s.

Millions of people are already working from home in the US. Twitter was ahead of the curve, sending all 5,000 of their employees home 2 weeks before the Trump Administration declared a National Emergency.

What can we as individuals do to protect ourselves against Corona Virus?

The time to peacefully prepare has passed. There’s mass panic and wiping out of grocery stores happening nation-wide. In Chesterfield County where I live, there are 0 confirmed cases, yet still the grocery shelves were depleted of long term storable foods, paper goods, and water.

Pro tip: Go to the grocery store 30 minutes before closing, while 3rd-shift employees are re-stocking water and other goods from available warehouse inventory.

There’s still clever ways that you can secure long-term storable foods that have good nutrient profiles, caloric density, and good taste. Yes, bulk oatmeal is sold-out on Amazon indefinitely. But you can still buy ample supply of “Mass Gainer”.

Mass Gainer
Corona Virus Mass Gainer Storable Food COVID19

How to create storable water during the Corona Virus pandemic

Most people are buying bottled water, which is very inefficient and expensive and wasteful. Imagine how much added plastic is going to make its way into our world oceans as a result of the fear…

Instead, just buy a rain barrel.

Rain barrels will store 50+ gallons of rain water, from which you can simply filter it with a water filtration system, and consume safely. You position the barrel below a gutter so that it captures spillover from the surface area of your roof. This realistically is a 25 day supply for 2 grown adults that self-replenishes.

I personally have an Alexapure 1.75gal system + 2 filters. Big Berkey, and many others will do the job.

Philosophy on self-defence, and why you need a firearm

The virus isn’t that dangerous – it has a 1% mortality rate based on current data, which can rise up to 10% if no adequate medical care is available to the serious cases.

Global economy collapses are dangerous.

Global supply chain disruptions are dangerous.

Unprepared, desperate people are dangerous.

The pandemic isn’t why you need a gun. People are why. When people are unprepared, run out of food, and there’s none to buy and they don’t have connections to rely on in a time of crisis, many will resort to violence to survive. That’s not going to look pretty in every major metropolitan area.

40% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. What happens when the virus causes them to get laid off, and nobody’s hiring?

Nothing good. Prepare yourself accordingly. Be proactive, not reactive.

Stay safe, people.