Photo by Jack B on Unsplash

External crises are an inevitable fact of life.

Internal crises are not.

In times of fear and uncertainly, humans tend to shrink into the shadow of their Higher Self – the part of them which is continuously curious, compassionate, courageous, resourceful, resilient, and reliable.

We go into self-protection mode. It’s an animal instinct hard to avoid.

“How can I stay safe?”
“What about my family?”
“Where will my money come from?”

We ask valid, important questions of ourselves, but from a place of scarcity and fear.

“How do I lead those I care for into safety?”
“What should my family be doing now, and how can I rally them to take action?”
“Where are the largest market opportunities within my sphere of influence, knowledge, and ability?”

If we shift our mindset into a resourceful state of courage and leadership, everything changes.

There’s nothing stopping you, me, or anyone else from thinking this way – except ourselves.

The small, young, vulnerable, often buried and isolated parts of ourselves that live in fear are the ones who will cry for your attention in the midst of an external crisis.

Pay attention to your feelings.

That’s how your child self, your unconscious mind, your deepest fears speak to you.

This is a call to action. It is time to step up. It is time to show up.

First and foremost, for yourself .

Self-care is paramount.

Healthy habits are paramount.

Doing the things you love, creating feelings of safety and security and abundance within yourself by nurturing your own deepest needs – these things must take place for us to enter into the Higher Self.

We must open ourselves up to the possibility that things can go well, and that we’ll be okay.

Once it’s cemented as a possibility, we must act as though it is an inevitability by taking the actions required to ensure a favorable outcome.

Act like it’s going to happen, and it’ll happen.

If you’re reading this, I love you.

You and your family will be safe. I’m rooting for you. God bless you.