Most “personalization” efforts feel deeply impersonal.

Last week we were joined by PandaDoc Sales Trainer Patrick Downs, who dropped gem after gem of wisdom on how he thinks about personalization as a winnable game for sales reps.

At first, we were all taught the same generic garbage.

“Hey FIRSTNAME I see you went to a college – bet they’ve got a great sportsball team!”

Don’t do that. It’s fake.

How to Personalize Cold Emails and Get Replies

  1. Dig deep into their experience, social media, etc.
  2. Pick something super weird and obscure to reference.
  3. Ask the prospect how they handle a specific pain point.

Here’s an example:

“Hey Nick, remember when you won the regional forensic speech competition back in high school?”

Now you’ve got my attention.

“Sales is a verbal competition every single day.

You just related my experience to the topic you’d like to sell me on.¬†helps your reps win more “competitions” on every cold call by giving them hard data on which cold call strategies are working for your team”

And now you’ve beautifully segued into the value you intend to provide for me.

“How does your team share best practices today?”

Instead of asking for an appointment, ask a conversation starter.

Your prospects will usually answer the question directly, giving you all the info you need to make a great warm call.

Once they reply, you better pick up the damn phone and call immediately.

A prospect’s reply gives you permission to call.

Your outbound is now inbound – you’re armed with specific context from their reply.