Here’s Everything I’ve Used to Gain an Edge in Life

They say “give, and ye shall receive”.

I figure everything I know is probably useful to someone somehow. So I’m continually adding new ideas, products, experiences, books, and software to this page that I personally use to gain an edge in life.

Kapitari Ayahuasca Retreat Iquitos Peru

Ayahuasca Retreat in Iquitos Peru, with Kapitari

I flew to Peru alone with no phone at 18 years old to pursue a healing experience with Ayahuasca. It changed the course of my life. I experienced serenity and bliss and healing unlike any other experience with 15 people from every civilized continent on Earth. I’ll write about it someday. If you’re on the fence, try it. You can experience Ayahuasca safely within the United States these days.

This was hands-down the best personal development experience I’ve ever had. Well worth every penny.

UPW Unleash the Power Within tony robbins

Unleash the Power Within (UPW), with Tony Robbins

I was in a room with 3,000+ other people jumping and screaming and maintaining 10/10 energy levels for 12 hours a day diving deep into my limiting beliefs, core values, future goals, and more. I walked across hot coals with style. Ultimately, I didn’t walk away with too many profound takeaways. 2 years later, I couldn’t tell you how it’s impacted me today. But I still feel like doing this kind of stuff helps me learn and grow in life.

There is good stuff to be learned here, but I’d honestly recommend spending $695 somewhere else.

Mankind Project New Warrior Training Adventure NWTA

New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA), with the Mankind Project

Not enough men know about the Mankind Project. They’re dedicated to creating a healthy place for men to lead each other through healing with courage, vulnerability, integrity, and honor.

I attended the 2-day NWTA in October 2018 for around $300. Incredibly worth it! It’s their version of a “coming of age initiation” ceremony – designed to invoke profound growth and change through a primal, tribal experience – made by Men for Men. It’s definitely in the top 3 experiences I’ve ever had. I have built quality relationships with amazing men many years my senior through MKP. They have local chapters all over the world. Check them out if you need better men in your life.

GAP Community Transformational Leadership TL

Transformational Leadership (TL), with GAP Community

GAP is an awesome faith-based non-profit that delivers high quality training experiences for 1/3 the price they charge corporate clients through their sister company.

I attended the 2-day TL Training in September 2019. The price was $125 Early Bird. I’d say it was more than worth it. It showed me how my own conflict avoidance sabotaged relationships and burned social capital with those I wish to lead. I was able to decompartmentalize my beliefs and see my desire for power should be tempered by a desire to serve others. I wrote all about my takeaways on my blog.

Gap Community Awaken Training

The Awaken Training, with GAP Community

Gotta save the best for last, right? I attended the 4-day Awaken Training in February 2018. The cost was around $400 well spent.

Awaken is a deep dive into your unconscious beliefs that hold you back in every area of life. It’s where I learned that traumatic experiences in my childhood caused me to stop believing in God out of fear and resentment towards my parents. It helped me realize that in my romantic relationship, I was sending mixed signals yearning for connection but pushing it away with my behavior. I actually went with my girlfriend at the time, and it definitely made us closer as a couple. Would highly recommend if you’re looking to dive deep into your soul!

Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand (1957)

This is my favorite philosophy fiction work of all time. It’s the pinnacle achievement of genius philosopher Ayn Rand. If you haven’t read it, you must. It will change your life. Reading this book took me out of a rut and inspired me to self-improve and embrace my human potential. It’s a riveting, beautifully written, philosophically profound masterpiece.

I’m writing a breakdown of Rand’s philosophy “Objectivism” as described in John Galt’s speech. Check it out here.

The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem, by Nathaniel Branden (1994)

I participated in a book club reading the 6 Pillars of Self Esteem. It foundationally changed the trajectory of my life. You’ll learn about a remarkably powerful, insight-giving exercise Branden pioneered called “sentence stems”. You’ll learn archetypal patterns of mental illness that millions of people fall into, how self-awareness and self-efficacy combats them, and so much more. If you do the work in the book, you’ll raise your self-esteem, period.

As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen (1903)

A short book of profound value and meaning. You can read this in a single night, and wake up refreshed with purpose the following morning.

Your power to think gives you immense power in the physical universe. James Allen makes the case that because thought necessarily precedes action, and action necessarily determines life circumstance, that your thoughts create reality. He doesn’t resort to woo-woo mysticism either. He speaks poetically and practically to demonstrate with real examples why this is true. It’s an awesome read! The book I link to is what I own – a beautiful hardcover copy of 4 of his works in one, including “As a Man Thinketh”.

Smart Calling: Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling – by Art Sobczak

This is the cold calling bible. It contains timeless wisdom, and helped me rocket ahead in my sales career. I had to throw away the cold call script I was handed in my first inside sales job once I read this. I wrote my own, and started converting 300% more leads on the phone. It was like magic. People respond very positively when you do your pre-call research properly. Control your tone. Handle objections with questions. There’s so much more wisdom inside – just buy it, read it, and see for yourself.

Read what you love until you love to read.

Choose your partner like your future children have the deciding vote.

Money is potential energy. Spend it to produce kinetic energy.

Choose a partner with virtues you want for yourself.

Literally ask your anxiety what it’s trying to tell you; don’t ignore it.

toggl logo

Toggl – Free Time Tracking Software

Toggl is awesome. It helps me understand exactly how much time I spend on various projects. I track my daily writing, sales advising, consulting services, and pretty much everything with this software. It helps me become more self-aware and productive, and I can glean some awesome insights on how I spend my work week with its reporting features! I use the paid version myself.

notion logo

Notion – Free Note Taking / Productivity Software

I use notion every day. It helps me keep every area of my life organized in one digital space. I use Notion to track my progress on every project I’m engaged with, take notes on calls, jot down ideas for later, and plan out my days / weeks. I use the paid version to have unlimited space.

NEVER tie your shoes again.

I haven’t tied my shoes in years. You’ll save 30 seconds a day every day of your life forever with a shoe horn. I don’t ruin shoes by forcing my heels into the back anymore. Every morning, my workout shoes slide effortlessly in with no wasted time.

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